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About Wallflower
The Digital Signage Innovators....

Wallflower Digital Signage software and hardware is developed by Wallflower Advanced Digital Signage Limited (WADSL) of Auckland New Zealand.

Over ten years ago the first version of Wallflower was developed primarily for Retailers. The Wallflower team recognised that Digital Signage would become a major technological force and were confident they could develop a product offering significant benefits over competitors.

WADSL was founded by Tony Scott who is acknowledged as a technology innovator creating award winning NZ based software products and companies. Wallflower became a leader in Digital Signage software development. Wallflower terminology such as 'Scheduling' has now been adopted as an industry standard. Wallflower invented the Template based approach to Digital Signage screen management that has since been widely adopted by many other software developers.

Wallflower is a continually evolving product. Its uniquely flexible design is future-proofed to allow the rapid adoption of new technologies as they emerge. Before Wallflower was developed, the WADSL company developed Big Data analytics for major international corporations. This background has allowed Wallflower to incorporate Big Data analytics in advance of any of its competitors.

Wallflower now drives thousands of displays worldwide embracing almost all applications of Digital Signage.

Wallflower is marketed through a rapidly growing international network of Distributors and Resellers who are Certified Solution Providers. Each is selected for their ability to deliver a professional service covering all aspects of Digital Signage implementations from initial enquiry through to final installation.

Key Certified Solution Providers include: